Junk Cars

Jp Towing Service

We will pay the most cash for your old car. Any condition, with or without title. We pay cash on the spot, and we will tow it away free!

Sell It For Scrap Metal And Parts!

  • We buy any make / any model / any condition
  • No title necessary
  • Cash on the spot for your junk car
  • We buy it, we tow it away for free

Se habla Español! We speak Spanish, too!

 call today at 773-501-8856, or follow us on facebook

  1. jemimsharma says:

    If you are looking for extra cash, look to your old clunker in the garage and Selling your junk car for cash could mean serious money for you, depending on the condition of the vehicle.

  2. tara says:

    I have a 98 sunfire sitting in my street with a power steering problem and a doughnut tire. I am picking up my new car tomorrow and want this one picked up. I cannot find the title. How much would you guys tow and junk it for???

  3. jerrysomal78 says:

    Buying Junk cars Stamford is easy to do, however making a profit from buying junk cars for cash is an entirely different proposal altogether.

  4. markholo says:

    HI,Thanx for posting it realy nice that if a man want to sell his car who has no title or has a huge millege it can contact you and get of from hos car. .

  5. Lulu Robinson says:

    NIce article! Thank you for this. Junk car buyers really are a good help to those who want to get rid of their clunker.

  6. Thanks for kind information.

  7. do you buy good price of junk cars?

  8. katherine says:

    I have a 2003 Durango with no title. It has to go buy Friday because I’m moving.

  9. Rose Navarro says:

    Please contact me about truck .need to get rid of got a new truck and don’t want to spend on plates

  10. Rose Navarro says:

    How much will you give me for the jeep.

  11. Stefani Rubio says:

    How much for a 2000 Chevy Olero?

  12. Donnettia says:

    I have an 1999 dodge startus in its runing iam asking for 400-500 for it . The car keep over heating it has some dents in it but other then that its fine.

  13. Victoria says:

    I have a 1997 Volkswagen Jetta it has 3 flat tires I lost my title how much can get?

  14. bradley thomas says:

    Hi i have a 1997 ford expedition the motor is blown up on it and its been sitting in my yard for the past 6 months .me and my ex bought it last year the tittle was put in her name i havent had any contact with her since then i was on the insurance but not the tittle and trying to find her is a problem .im leaveing in a week and want this vehicle gone i do have the keys ..

  15. Adnan says:

    I have a 98 honda civic in drivable condition. I just cant find the title. Please let me know how much will you guys offer?

  16. Maeve Schermerhorm says:

    I have a vehicle that needs to be towed asap. I was driving down northwest hey and hit a pothole and my tire snapped off from the axle and is undriveable. It is parked on the side street of Delphia. 636 Delphia and the corner of northwest hwy. It is a 2001 white ford focus. Please contact me through email or call me at 872-220-9435. Thank you in advance.

  17. Sonja Chester says:

    I have an 99 Pontiac Montana that I want to junk. How much can I get for it?

  18. Joe Springer says:

    I called and got disconnected, I have a 2000 Ford Contour V6 and it runs, No title, Located in Des Plaines. Need a pick up!

  19. Dawn says:

    I have a 1999 Honda Civic 193,000 miles with a blown cylinder & dead battery. Brand new tires. I can’t find my title. I am moving and need it gone.

  20. Nelly Martinez says:

    Do you also buy cars with no keys.

  21. xavier says:

    I have 2 cars in good body condition on both of the cars the fuel pump it’s broken. 1994 chevy s10 and a 2002 Honda Accord

  22. vito says:

    I got a 02 crown Victoria it has minor problems… I need to get rid of it by Sunday or Monday morning thing is I don’t have the title for it… Can u come buy it from me, and how much will u good very me for it….

  23. Renee Coleman says:

    Have a 98 Malibu. Want to junk it how much can i get fof it.

  24. Hi,
    I have a Honda Accord 2002, title is not available with me, can you pick it up?


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